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Through My Travelling Lens

December 23rd, 2015

Through My Travelling Lens

What are the absolutely essential items for the traveller? A seasoned traveller will have a short list; or perhaps rephrased: a shortlist. Light is good. Less is best. Where we travel, why we travel, how, when ... There are a a myriad of questions to be asked before one can really come up with a shortlist of travelling essentials. One of the few things that always accompanies me on a trip, that I am never without, is my camera.

QUESTION: What if I was to say, "I feel naked if I am on a trip without my camera?"
ANSWER: I ought to see a psychiatrist?

Just as a writer will never travel without the tools to record his experiences, or a painter without her canvas, pencils and brushes, the photographer as a creator must have his camera. This blog is about some of the places I have been with my camera, what and how I have seen things and ways that I would like to share these experiences.

I am not a professional photographer. In other words, I do not make a living with my camera. When I get lucky though and feel that I have captured an image that someone may want to display in their space, then I will make it available for a price on my website.

The blog, Through My Travelling Lens, is a work in progress. Feel free to meander around in the postings. I hope there will be something of interest.

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